Academy's Crest

Soolam (Trident), the weapon of Sivaperuman (Lord Siva) not only destroys evil but also symbolises the removal of ignorance. This therefore signifies that the students must not be ignorant and be prepared to learn.

Kooththan (Lord Siva as the lord of dance or Nadarajah), according to Saiva philosophy, is the creator of the cosmos. Lord Siva also represents the creation of the three Tamil arts Iyal (Literature) Isai (Music, both vocal and instrumental) and Nadagam (Drama).

Udukku (Primordial drum) is the source of the sound of creation. The Udukku (or Udukkai) is the ancestor of all percussion instruments including the Miruthangam. This signifies the rhythmic aspect of the academy.

Thamarai (Water lily) represents wisdom which is of utmost importance to the academy. It indicates that knowledge must be embraced to excel.

Idanthalai (Left head of the Miruthangam) and Valanthalai (Right head of the Miruthangam) represents the Thom and Chapu Natham respectively. These collectively represent the unique language of the Miruthangam that is crucial for all Tamil percussive music.

Eahku (Shield) signifies the academy and its excellence while the Naada (Ribbon) holds the academy’s motto (detailed below).