Sri Palghat T. S. Mani Iyer

Sri Palghat T. S. Mani Iyer

Mani Iyer showed a great deal of proficiency from his young age, and was considered a child prodigy. He was the son of the famous vocalist Palakadu Sri T.S. Sesha Bagavathar. He hails from a musical family. He had a sister and brother.

His education was disrupted for the Art. He started his Miruthangam training under Sathapuram Subbiah.

By accompanying his vocalist father, he got the training to play for songs. He learnt the intricacies and new techniques from Aalapulai Sri Viswanatha Iyer and Tanjore Sri Vaidyanatha Iyer and by practice he developed his Art.

From the age of eight he started performing on stage for his father’s story telling (“Hari Katha”) and Sembai Vaithyanatha Bagawathar’s recitals.

He was also appointed court Musician by the Trivandram Palace, Sembai Vaithyanatha Bagawathar took Mani Iyer to Madras to play for his recitals and very soon his fame spread all over and he was offered many opportunities.

His playing had perfection in tonal clarity, command over Layam and rhythmic precision. He accompanied several famous artists such as Arikudi, Chittoor Subramiapillai, G. N. B. , Tiger Varatha Charya, Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer and D.K.Pattammal.

In 1940 , the Thiruvangur palace conferred the title “Nathamani” on Mani Iyer. He also demonstrated the greatness of the Miruthangam to Western Audience at the Edinburgh Cultural Festival in America. In 1965 he received the Indian Presidents Award.

He is considered the head of the Miruthangam Artists of Tamil Nadu and an incarnation of Nandi Devar. The well respected musician Mani Iyer passed away on 30 May 1981.

An enchanting performance of Aathi (Adi) Thaalam Thani Aavarthanam by the great Palghat (Paalakkaadu) Mani Iyer.

Aathi Thaalam Thani Aavarthanam rendition by Sri Palghat Mani Iyer.