Nathalaya Academy

Welcome to Nathalaya Academy of Rhythmic Arts

Nathalaya literally translated as "Abode of the harmonious sound" is a percussive musical academy established on 19 June 2010 to preserve and propagate the rich tradition of Tamil percussive instruments and in particular the Miruthangam, in London, United Kingdom.

Nathalaya, in simple terms, derives its name from the two musical words Natham and Layam. However, intrinsically looking at the name, it can be further divided into four fundamental musical terms Natham, Thaalam, Layam and Yavam.

Natham here represents the pleasant sound produced from an instrument and Layam represents the rhythm or tempo that is crucial for music as a whole.

Thaalam is a group of beats in a particular pattern which is an essential element of music and Yavam or Yava is the fundamental unit of measure and here indirectly represents the Nadai or Maathirai perfection.

Nathalaya emphasises the purity and clarity of instrumental music with meticulous attention to all the nuances and intricacies that make this music unique and distinctive.

The importance of fluency and continuity of music is imparted to the students. Theory and practical aspect are blended together to give the students a comprehensive view of the intricate instrumental music. Furthermore, students are encouraged to attend local concerts to expand their horizons.

Student presentations are arranged, as part of the three affiliated school’s annual program, to help the students gain performing experience. Students of a wide range of age and experience participate in these activities.

Nathalaya’s motto “Explore – Enhance – Excel” encourages the student to first search and study the chosen art form in detail, then improve and develop in it by being able to play with precision, and finally excel in the art form by being able to manipulate and improvise.

Nathalaya aims to reach out to a broad audience and share the beauty of this beautiful ancient instrumental music which offers a scintillating and unique blend of tradition and improvisation. Furthermore, Nathalaya aims to be the forerunner in supporting young musicians around the world via this online platform.