OFAAL Grade Three Syllabus


 The following must be known in addition to the Grade One to Two syllabuses.

A.         Practical and oral demonstrations of the following lessons:

1.         Kanda Chaapu Thaalam 10 Akshara Purattal

2.         Kanda Chaapu Thaalam 20 Akshara Purattal

3.         Mishra Chaapu Thaalam 14 Akshara Purattal

4.         Mishra Chaapu Thaalam 28 Akshara Purattal

5.         Play and render orally Rupaka Thaalam Thani Aavarthanam (solo) for at least 3 minutes including the following:

a.         Korvai

b.         Sarvalaghu

c.         Siriya Purattal

d.         Periyamora

e.         Periya Theermanam

6.         Ability to orally recite the Saptha Thaala Alangkara Jathi with the corresponding Thaalam


B. Theory (Written paper):

1.         Formation and detail of the 35 Thaalam

2.         Brief description of the definition and origin (including history) of Thaalam

3.         Brief knowledge of the following:

a.         Shruthi

b.         Natham

c.         Swaram

d.         Swarasthanam

e.         Layam

f.          Angam

g.         Aksharam

h.         Aavarthanam

i.          Thani Aavarthanam