OFAAL Grade Seven Syllabus


The following must be known in addition to the Grade One to Six syllabuses.

A.         Practical and oral demonstrations of the following lessons:

1.         Play and render orally Thani Aavarthanam (solo) and Panja Jaathi (Five types of) Thathingkinathom for the following Thaalam:

a.         Aathi Thaalam Ireddai Kalai (Double beat) Mukkaal (3/4) Iddam

b.         Aathi Thaalam Ireddai Kalai (Double beat) Sunduviral (Little finger) Samam

2.         Ability to play Thani Aavarthanam (solo) for a given song of a given Eduppu.

3.         Ability to compose, sing, and play a Pallavi in Aathi Thaalam or Rupaka Thaalam in Thrikaalam (Three speeds)

4.         Ability to play lessons in any three Nadai including Chathushra Nadai.


B. Theory (Written paper):

1.         Knowledge of the detailed structure and the ability to draw a detailed diagram with all the relevant parts, similarities and differences between the following instruments:

            a.         Miruthangam

            b.         Kanjira

c.         Ghatam

d.         Thavil

e.         Morsing

f.          Dolak

g.         Tabla

2.         Ability to write any lesson in Thrikaalam (Three speeds) with signs & symbols used in Carnatic music.

3.         Detailed knowledge of sub-accompanying percussion instruments in a Carnatic concert (e.g. Kanjira, Ghatam, and Morsing).

4.         Knowledge of Carnatic pitch scales and comparisons to the western pitch scales (e.g. Moondu Kaddai (Pitch 3) is equivalent to ‘E’ in western scales).