OFAAL Grade One Syllabus


 A.         Practical and oral demonstrations of the following lessons:

1.         Eight (8) types of Tha Thi Thom Num lessons

2.         Four (4) types of Tha,; Ki,da, Lessons

3.         Four (4) type of Tha,;  Tharikida Lessons

4.         Four (4) types of Tha,; Tharikida Tha,; Ki,da, Lessons

5.         Aathi Thaalam 8 Akshara Purattal

6.         Aathi Thaalam 16 Akshara Purattal

7.         Rupaka Thaalam 12 Akshara Purattal

8.         Rupaka Thaalam 24 Akshara Purattal

B. Theory (To be tested in the practical examination):

1.         Names of the Panja (5) Jaathi

2.         Names of the Thriangam (Three Angams)