OFAAL Grade Four Syllabus


The following must be known in addition to the Grade One to Three syllabuses.

A.         Practical and oral demonstrations of the following lessons:

1.         Play and render orally Thani Aavarthanam (solo) for at least 5 minutes in the following Thaalam:

a.         Mishra Chaapu Thaalam

b.         Kanda Chaapu Thaalam

2.         Play and render orally Panja Jaathi (Five types of) Thathingkinathom in Sama Eduppu for the following Thaalam:

a.         Aathi Thaalam

b.         Rupaka Thaalam

c.         Mishra Chaapu Thaalam

d.         Kanda Chaapu Thaalam


B. Theory (Written paper):

1.         Knowledge of the detailed structure of the Miruthangam and the ability to draw a detailed diagram of all the relevant parts

2.         Detailed description of the formation of the 175 Thaalam

3.         Knowledge of the following:

a.         Jathi

b.         Jaathi

c.         Gathi

d.         Sarvalaghu

e.         Maathirai

f.          Issai

g.         Kaalam