AoFA Grade Six Syllabus


A.         Practical

1.         Play and render orally Thani Aavarthanam (solo) and Panja Jaathi (Five types of) Thathingkinathom in Sama Eduppu (1 Kalai) preferably for 35 Thaalams.

2.         Ability to accompany for Carnatic vocal pieces and be able to play Thani Aavarthanam (solo) at any points of Eduppu in the following musical piece:

a.         Varnam

b.         Javali

c.         Thillana

d.         Thevaram

e.         Thirupugal

3.         Ability to play a given Jaathi for a given Thaala Eduppu (or Graham).

4.         Ability to play for Panja Nadai (Gathi) with Periyamora for the following Thaalam:

a.         Aathi Thaalam

b.         Rupaka Thaalam


B.         Theory

1.         Definitions and details of the following types of Thaalam:

            a.         Panja Thaalam (5 types of traditional Thaalam)

b.         Navasandhi Thaalam (9 types of traditional Thaalam usually used in the temples)

c.         First ten of the Aboorva Thaalam (52 types of traditional Thaalam)

d.         First ten of the Ashtottara Shata Thaalam (108 types of traditional Thaalam)

2.         Knowledge of the methods involved in playing Miruthangam for the following Carnatic music:

a.         Varnam

b.         Keerthanai

c.         Pallavi

3.         Knowledge of the methods involved in playing Miruthangam for the following:

            a.         Carnatic vocal music

            b.         Instrumental music

            c.         Pannissai

            d.         Natyam (Dance)

            e.         Nadakam (Drama)

            f.          Bhajans

            g.         Melissai (Light music)

4.         Knowledge of the structure and the art of handling the Nathaswaram as well as knowledge of past and present Vithwans.

5.         Ability to write with signs and symbols for a given Jaathi in a given Thaalam.

6.         A brief History of Carnatic Music.